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Our Brand and Culture

Core Offerings

Residential Property

Our residential property valuations start from $300 and can be turned around in 48 hours. Our residential valuation team pride itself on providing quality advice on time.


Commercial Property

We have specialist commercial property Valuers who focus on certain asset sectors. Our Valuers will turn every stone to make certain you receive the right advice.

Management Rights

Australian Valuers have proven to be the No.1 choice for this highly specialised work. Our valuation team operate on a national level providing advice to the majority of Australia’s Banks.

Valuation Reports – Average Time Frame

Residential Property Valuations - 2 days time frame

Commercial Property Valuations - 5 to 7 days time frame

Management Rights Valuation - 7 to 10 days time frame

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Boost Your Tax Refund

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Australian Valuers | Certified Property Valuers

All Property Valuers within the Australian Valuers office are members of the Australian Property Institute and are registered with the Queensland Valuers Registration Board. Quality control systems are the backbone of this company resulting in high quality and reliable reporting.

Property Valuation Services

Valuation staff are fully system trained and have the local experience to provide each individual client with a reliable answer to their property valuation questions. We maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our business develops with the times and embraces all manner of technology, specifically those which will assist improving our service level to our clients.

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