Property Types Sector

Our team of specialist Valuers covers a wide range of asset classes including Commercial Property Valuations, Going Concerns, Industrial Property Valuations, Management Rights, Motel Valuations, Residential Property Valuations, Retail Property Valuations, Rural Property Valuations and various Specialist Property Valuations.

As an Independent Valuation Firm we provide consultancy advice and valuation services on a variety of property types as shown below.

Commercial Property is a true investment and requires the Valuer to think as an investor would when assessing value. Our Valuers have an in depth knowledge of the commercial markets and pride themselves on producing a quality report.

Going Concerns are simply businesses that are operated from (mostly) purpose built properties (land and building), and it is the business component that is generally traded in a transaction. For Australian Valuers this field includes Child Care Centres, Management Rights & Motels.

Industrial Property is an asset class sought after by potential owner occupiers; investors, superannuation funds and trusts.  Quality tenants and robust building structures as appealing to the astute investor, as there are often good depreciation benefits and minimal maintenance required. Utilize our skills in the area to make the right choice for the right price.

Management Rights were originally ‘invented’ on Queensland’s Gold Coast to provide an on-site management service within the then newly built holiday let apartment buildings. This is a specialist area where the Valuer needs to assess both the going concern (business) and the attached real estate component(s). Australian Valuers are a market leader in this space and have been for 20 years. 

Motels are a widely recognised business within Australia and are dependent upon many internal & external factors that affect the demand for accommodation. We are fortunate to have several Valuers who specialise in this area and are passionate for this industry.

Residential Property is by far the largest asset class, as we all need to live somewhere. Unlike commercial property there is often emotion tied up in selling and buying residential property. Let us take the emotion out of it, with reliable and objective advice.

Retail Property is an asset class that comes in many shapes and sizes and be complex. Our Retail Valuers have a thorough understanding of the Retail Shop Leases Act and know how it applies to various retail properties.

Rural Property is made up of a diverse group of rural based/styled businesses located around Australia. This is a very fickle asset class that is subject to many external factors including climate and economic conditions. Our specialty covers the majority of rural enterprises within south east QLD and northern NSW.

Specialist Properties are properties that are out of the ordinary and ones that have a niche or very thin market. Over the past 20 years we have built up a recognised history of valuing properties that are specialised.