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Industrial Property Valuations – Direct comparison assessments and analyses

Industrial property in Australia is something sought after by potential owner occupiers; investors, superannuation funds and trusts.  Despite the owner or reason for acquisition, an Industrial property valuation is one where the Direct Comparison assessments and analyses of $/m2 of improved land or $/m2 of GFA/NLA are often the most reliable.

  • The capitalisation of the Net Annual Income is still either a primary or secondary method and is calculated exactly the same way as in commercial property above;
  • An experienced valuer will ensure that the rental evidence he is relying upon is ‘arms-length’ and reliable for the valuation assessment;
  • Once this leasing evidence is ratified, the appropriate methods of valuation are completed.

Attributes to Consider

When assessing value of industrial property, we will consider attributes that are often unique to this asset class, which include:

  • Springing heights of roller doors and the warehouse component;
  • Office to warehouse ratios (%) and how this compares to market evidence;
  • Building to land ratios (%) and how this compares to market evidence;
  • Exposure to passing traffic;
  • Hardstand areas;
  • Vehicle access;
  • Access to local amenities, freeways and port terminals

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