Project Development

This is a specialised area of our business where we are able to value development sites on an ‘as is’ and ‘upon completion’ basis. We utilise Estate Master Feasibility Software to complete Feasibility Studies of DA approved development sites. Development sites can be analysed by the following:

  • Direct Comparison of a value rate per square metre or hectare;
  • Direct Comparison on rate per unit or lot;
  • Full feasibility or Project-Related Site Value (This is where we look at gross realisations and deduct all costs of development to arrive at a Project-Related Site Value)

Since the GFC in 2008 development sites have been adversely affected within south-east QLD and beyond for the following reasons:

  • Overall demand for the end product was reduced;
  • General economic conditions and confidence was reduced;
  • Access to funds was heavily reduced, as a result of stringent development lending requirements

The market for development sites has started to improve with sales volumes increasing and some lenders being more open to funding development’s again.
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Project Development