Rural Property Valuations

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Rural Property Valuations, Farm Valuers

Valuers for agricultural producers including: Livestock – cattle, sheep, pig, poultry and dairy farms and animal products. Horticulture – fruit, vegetables, nuts and nursery products. Crops – sugar cane farms, broadacre cropping, cotton and wheat. Forestry – timber and timber products. Fisheries and aquaculture.

Rural property is a widely varied term for what are a diverse group of rural based/styled businesses located around Australia.

One only has to watch ABC Australia’s Landline program to see that not only are their massive cattle stations, dairy farms and sheep-wheat properties in Australia, but that there are specialist poultry growers, small and highly efficient organic growing industries, businesses that simply exist to export to Asian consumers.

The take away point here is that in this country, Rural experienced Valuers, are thin in number and often will stick to what they know and specialise in that business type.

It is becoming quite clear that Australia has a big part to play in feeding Asia and this is no more obvious than in the Beef Industry where the Multi-National companies have been acquiring the big end of town beef cattle stations for some time now.

Rural valuations, an established knowledge base is key

  • An experienced Rural Valuer will not take on all types of rural sectors, as this requires intimate knowledge of each sector, which is impossible;
  • When analysing sales evidence each property is broken into various sub-sections where rates per hectare can be applied depending on overall quality;
  • All sales are analysed back to a Treated Watered Fenced basis of comparison, which means the added value of all other improvements are deducted from the sale price;
  • Australian Valuers have a history and expert knowledge in providing valuations on rural lifestyle, rural residential, cattle grazing, macadamia farms, lucerne & small cropping enterprises within the general south-east QLD region.

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