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Litigation Dispute Valuation – Evidence of a Property’s Value

Legal Property Disputes

Litigation is the process of taking any kind of legal action. Property dispute claims can arise in all courts and jurisdictions throughout Australia.

The reasons for litigation can include:

The experienced team at Australian Valuers regularly provides valuation advice to legal practitioners and their clients.

The Importance of Impartial and Professional Valuations in Litigation

When a property dispute is taken to court, it is important to note that information that is not provided by a suitably qualified and certified valuer will not be considered.

For example, when submitting evidence of a property’s value, you cannot use a real estate agent’s appraisal.

Seeking the advice of a property value will not only give you more credibility but also a stronger position in court.

The valuation report is a thoroughly researched and impartial analysis of the property in question.

Australian Valuers also Provide Expert Witness Testimony in Court

An expert witness is someone with a high level of specialised knowledge or skill in a particular area who is asked to present their opinion during legal proceedings.

Our valuers have experience as appearing as expert witnesses in court cases and have been integral in the resolution of many legal disputes.

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