Pre-Sale Valuations

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Pre-Sale Valuations

Australian Valuers – Pre-Sale Valuations for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions

5 Reasons Why You Should Seek Pre-Sale Advice Before Engaging a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

Much of Australian Valuers’ private work is made up of pre-purchase and pre-sale valuations.

As the name suggests, a pre-sale valuation is one that is undertaken prior to putting your property on the market.

When you engage an independent valuer from Australian Valuers to conduct a pre-sale valuation, he or she will carry out an inspection of the property and then compile a comprehensive report with an estimated value of a property.

Reasons why a pre-sale valuation is invaluable to vendors

1. The result is unbiased
This valuer will take into account all market factors that contribute to the value of the property. These include the current conditions of the property market in the area, the demand and supply of similar and comparable properties and the overall economic climate.

This means that the estimated value s a true and accurate reflection of the value of the property in the current market and is not unduly influenced in any way.

2. You can be confident during the selling process
When you are armed with the knowledge of what your property is really worth, you are able to confidently go into the selling process. You will know when it is right to sell and when it is right to hold off.

A pre-sale valuation can help you to avoid being taken advantage off by unscrupulous agents or buyers.

Which brings us to our next point –

3. You can use the pre-sale valuation to  choose the right agent (or forgo the agent altogether)
Use the outcome of your pre-sale report to “interview” your shortlist of selling agents and make the right choice. Ask each agent to give you their opinion as to what your property is worth. You will find that some will over-inflate their estimates and others may go the other way, just to make that sale.

The best agents will be close to the mark and be able to set realistic expectations in the selling process.

If you choose not to use an agent at all, then the pre-sale valuation can be used as the basis to set an agreeable sale price that is fair to both parties.

4. It can minimise the selling period
As a rule of thumb, a property should not be on the market for over a month. Often, if a property does not sell in this time frame, it is incorrectly priced.

By setting the price at the right point from the beginning, you will attract more serious buyers.

5. It can ensure that close the sale quickly
In many cases, people looking to buy property have already sought finance pre-approval from their lender. This means they have a set limit on their borrowing capacity. If your property is priced accurately, when potential buyer submit an offer that is close to where you are happy to sell, then the negotiation process can flow quickly until the sale is finalised.

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